Need an Awesome VPS? CHUCKHOST!


Chunkhost review: Check out Its this sweet VPS service that my buddy told me about. They have dell servers with 32 GB of ram, dual quad-core energy efficient 2.2GHz AMD processors, with RAID 1 (mirroring) 10K SATA drives. BEEFY. Chop it up and give you a chunk! Right now they are currently looking for Beta Testers (in the U.S. only) to shake this new service down! For Beta Testers, your first 512MB chunk is free… sign up now! Im using my free month right now and I totally plan on getting me another month after this is up. You can choose from Debian, Ubuntu, & CentOS. Ubuntu is the flavor I am playing with. If your looking for a cheap VPS these people are the ones you should go with its only $19 bucks after your first free month. 

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