VBA Excel Programming/Macros

With my new job working with data I have taken it upon myself to learn more about Excel and writing macros. Unfortunately I will only be working with Office 2003. This there is a plus side to this as well. I have found books about the application on my University's eBook site (books24x7). Doing some reading I found two things I thought was interesting and I figured I would share. The first is that you can attempt to recover corrupt excel files by linking them into another excel file. (I did not even know you could link prior to my reading) Here is an example of how you would link.


Another quote I found fun was this one from Excel VBA Programming For Dummies.

By the way, macro does not stand for Messy And Confusing Repeated Operation. Rather, it comes from the Greek makros, which means large — which also describes your paycheck after you become an expert macro programmer.

This was my first book I started reading but it was wrote for 2007 and 2010 so I stop and looked for another book and I found Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA. Being that I have somewhat of a programming background I am not really trying to learn how to program more of just the syntax used and other terms.
I'm almost excited for someone to come to me with a corrupt excel file now so I can try out this linkage thing.

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