Maker Faire Detroit 2011

P85 P87 P89 P91

This year was my first year going to maker faire. Had a good time. I knew a lot of people it being local, worked with a few guys from the steam engine setup, and that I know a hand full of groups in the metro Detroit area one of them being OmniCorpDetroit. Looking forward for next year. I am planning on participating in the racing. It looked fun.
Loved going into The Henry Ford Museum. I have not been in there since grade school. Not a lot has changed. They are starting to add food to the mcdonnalds setup. They added a section for my years(the 90) with pokemon and stuff. Which made me feel old. But I was with a bunch of my gen x friends so I started to feel young again as we progressed down the line. I defiantly plan on taking a visit to THFM again soon.
Side note: thinking about going to burning man. This up coming.

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