Must have app for Pandora listeners. (Jailbreak app)

If you listen to Pandora on your iPhone and are annoyed but the breaks in songs by those silly video adds or really like the song that is play at the moment. Check out this app. It requires you to have pandora obviously and it requires you to be jailbroken. The name of the app is Pandora Downloader.

Features added: 
Unlimited Skips
No video ads
No banner ads
Save current playing song.

I thought of moving the songs to my MewSeek folder and using MewSeek to add the songs to my iPod app, but the downloader only saves the song title for the file name an does not retain any other information about the song. Do keep in mind if you enjoy the song do as I do and pay for the song and support the artists. I think this is a neat tool to use as a way to learn about new artists. Being that I like dubstep there are all sorts of new american artists popping up and pandora is pretty good at letting me find out about them.

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