HOW TO: Run Guild Wars 2 on Mac OSX

I read some tutorials on how to run Guild Wars 2 on Mac OSX Lion but they later became out dated so I had to do some digging.. So I figured I would gather all my findings here.
Mind you I am installing Guild Wars 2 on my MacBook Pro 13′ i5 late 2011.

 Step 1. Install WineSkin and its dependancies.
 Step 2.  Configure WineSkin
             – Launch WineSkin
             – Click ‘+’ to add engine. Select Latest. Download and Install.
             – Then update to the latest wrapper as well.
             – Create New Blank Wrapper.
            – Name it. (I.E GW2)
Step 3. Configure the wrapper.
– Install everything that it prompts for (.Net Application stuff and Gecko thing)
– Locate new Wrapper in WineSkin Folder ( I.E. Users/Patrick/Application/Wineskin/
– Right click on ‘’ and click ‘Show package contents’
– Launch ‘Wineskin’
– Click advanced
– Set Windows EXE location to GW2.exe (GW2 setup file)
– Change ‘screen options’. Click ‘override’ I did full screen at 1024×768. Done.
– Then at ‘Tools’ Tab click ‘Winetricks. Install/Run ‘d3dx9’
-back to the config tab. add -dx9single to the EXE flags. (KEY PART lets you get past the black screen in guild wars 2)
– Then you are ready to run! (download patch and play!)

Heres is my Screenshot of WineSkin config:

Helpful resources:

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