Adding SSL cert to wordpress via cpanel

This is a tutorial of how to add SSL Cert to my wordpress blog with the free SSL certificates offered by This post like most of my posts are just reminders for myself that I post publically in the event it might help someone else one day. But because I will have to renew certification every 3 months it’s mostly for me.

  • Navigate to cerbot at
  • Online Tools
  • Start – FREE SSL Certificate Wizard
  • Go to SSL/TLS Manager on cpanel and get CRS for domain  paste in box on right.
  • Copy private key on left.
  • verify domain name with txt value given by zerossl with Advanced DNS Zone Editor on cpanel.
  • After setting TXT value, WAIT!!! or you have to start over on the dns record. (for real.. get something to eat then press next)
  • Grab domain cert and add to cpanel. Manage Installed SSL Websites
  • Paste (once for some reason its doubled every time)
  • Then click “autofill by domain”
  • done.
  • Well now go to wordpress general settings and add the s at the end of http.

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