Capturing wireless keyboard signals for replay.

Here I will note how I found out what frequency my wireless keyboard is on, capturing the signal and replying the signal.

Need the RTL-SDR dongle (pretty cheap here)

Install SDR# from here. (

Run the install-rtlsdr.bat file  (bat file text here) This batch file basically installs zadig.exe

Open SDRSharp.exe, Change source to RTL-SDR(USB)

Now we need to figure out what frequency the keyboard operates in.

Two ways I can do this. 1)look up the FCC ID on the back of the keyboard or 2)use my frequency counter.

…well this would have been a fun project… but the FCC ID shows that it is in 2402.0-2480.0 range which exceeds all my sub 1Ghz equipment. lol I forgot what frequency it ran on.


This killed about 15 minutes.

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