‘Setting up nearby device’ on Android error. 

I got a new Android phone today. Its a nexus 6p with Android 6.0 on it. I went to use the nearby feature to transfer my apps and accounts over and it kept getting and error and failed. 

What I needed to do was update the phones to the same version of Android. The error did not come close to hinting that was the issue. I’m changing wifi settings, NFC setting and Bluetooth settings trying to get it to work. 
So I updated the new 6p to 7.0 to match my older 6p and it worked. It only took 3 hours to run all the updates. Wish I could have just jumped to 7.0 and skipped the security updates on 6.0.  After I ran all the updates. I reset new phone to factory settings to get the transfer from old phone menu back. 

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