Install T-POT on Ubuntu 16.04

T-Pot is a combined dockerized honeypots; conpot, cowrie, dionaea, elasticpot, emobility, glastopf and honeytrap with suricata a Network Security Monitoring engine and the ELK stack to beautifully visualize all the events captured by T-Pot. I will be setting this up for my internal network


Start with a fresh ubuntu 16.04 box.

2- We will be doing the install outlined here.  –

git clone
cd t-pot-autoinstall/
sudo su

1- But first you need to fiddle with some SSH keys.  (as normal user. User to run tpot)

cd .ssh
touch authorized_keys
cat >> authorized_keys



Done. The bash script did the rest of the lifting for you.


    • Sorry. This post is pretty old. I will have to revist tpot. Should have some extra time during the quarantine time.

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